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A selection of organisations

that are sex worker led and who contribute immensely

to the good of the sex work community.


Included with permission from the organisations in question.

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National Ugly Mugs (NUM) is a pioneering, national organisation which provides greater access to justice and protection for sex workers who are often targeted by dangerous individuals but are frequently reluctant to report these incidents to the police. These offenders are often serial sexual predators who pose a huge risk to the public as a whole. They take reports of incidents from sex workers and produce anonymised warnings which are sent directly to sex workers and front-line support projects throughout the UK.

With consent, they share anonymous intelligence to the police.

They support sex workers in making full reports to the police so that the perpetrators can be identified, arrested and convicted.

They ensure sex workers have access to professional services when they have been a victim of crime.


SWOP Behind Bars is a national (USA) social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of people who face discrimination from the criminal justice system due to the stigma associated with the sex trade.  They advocate for full decriminalization of consensual sex work, ending cash bail, drawing attention to the effects of generational poverty on sexualized violence against marginalized and vulnerable women while providing services and support with a focus on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy.

PACE Society is located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. They offer low-barrier programming and support in order to serve Vancouver’s most marginalized populations; people who often fall through the cracks due to ineligibility for services that require a fixed address or drug and alcohol abstinence can access their services. In this respect, PACE is on the frontline of support for those in Vancouver who need it most.

They are made up of dedicated, compassionate individuals who are committed to providing Sex Worker-led and driven programs and services to Sex Workers. PACE was started informally in a one bedroom apartment in Vancouver in the early 1990’s by former Sex Workers and their allies, who recognized the need for relevant services and supports for women, youth, men and trans Sex Workers.


By, With & For Sex Workers Since 1994

Umbrella Lane

Community based, peer-led sex worker project in Scotland. Umbrella Lane provides a safe space for all sex workers to seek advice and support. It is a conducive environment to discuss sex worker concerns, like safety, welfare, issues around child raising and single parenthood, sexual and reproductive health and HIV, exploitation in the workplace, mental health, violence and fear of violence. These conversations can only take place in a space that is founded upon respect for sex workers choices, and recognition of sex workers as active agents that deserve to be treated with dignity through a rights-based approach.

ICRSE logo

The main goals of the ICRSE are to bring sex workers and their allies together on an European and international level:


• to further the social acceptance and respect for sex workers

• to promote their civil and human rights

• to organise the support of allies