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The Science Hooker

One Minute Thesis Challenge

We live in a world of lunatic presidents, growing right wing Nazi movements, climate change denial,

flat Earth advocates, creationists, fake news and a general rejection and resentment of expert knowledge in all forms.


It is important that those of us who conduct research are not apathetic to these trends.

It is important we engage with people, explain what we do, why we do it, and why they should listen to us.


Calling all researchers (any academic subject): tell us your thesis and why it matters!




Just record yourself with a quick intro and as close to a minute of thesis talk as you can. Then send it to info@sciencehooker.com and it will be uploaded to the Science Hooker YouTube channel, Twitter @Science_Hooker and the website www.sciencehooker.com


Or just publish it yourself in any media and mention Science Hooker and 'The Science Hooker One Minute Thesis Challenge'


Let's make this a thing, and explain to the world what it is we do and why! It really matters in the world just now that people understand what experts do and why they should be trusted in what they do. Make your voice count.


Here is mine:


Adrienne Macartney

University of Glasgow

UK Space Agency funded

'Crust atmosphere coupling and carbon sequestration on early Mars'

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