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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

 Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

 Oscar Wilde


Science Hooker began in 2015 as an attempt to highlight that those of poor economic backgrounds and from marginalised communities such as sex work and trans struggle to gain access to modern academia or to be taken seriously by society generally.


Academia is always talking about being 'diverse' and 'open', but these are often false and empty battle cries. When confronted with raw, genuine diversity, academia tends to shun it and close ranks around accepted norms. Science Hooker is about challenging and changing this. Loudly. Brashly. Without apology.


Science Hooker is about not being ashamed of one's past. There is nothing 'bad' or 'inappropriate' about being a sex worker, or trans. When I entered academia there was pressure to hide my past, pretend to be the same as everyone else.

Science Hooker was my considered response.

I am proud of who I am, who I was, and where I come from.


Be fierce fire.

Be unapologetic for who you are.

Refuse to be a victim.

Refuse to feel sorry for yourself.

The world is not kind.

So bring kindness to it.




Science does not need to be dry.

Safe. Boring. Clean.

Middle and upper class.


Serve my science as a double shot in a sleazy bar.

"What was your name again?"


Academic talent is about will, thought, curiosity, stubbornness and passion: not background.


Science Hooker is about science for ALL.

Adi MacArtney    XX